Welcome to the Cascadia Briards' web site!

The Briard is extremely intelligent and should be generally good-natured. Early socialization is vital, as the Briard's inherent traits encompass those of both herding and guard dogs. This is a dog of character and soul! They can be as charming as they are opinionated, with a natural tendency to distrust strangers -- yet are tender and extremely loyal to their family. These traits, while desirable to some, can present training challenges, so they are definitely not for everyone. In our experience, Briards do best in households committed to appropriate socialization, training and physical accommodations for large, intelligent, potentially noisy, shaggy dogs.

Being an old and relatively rare breed, information about Briards can be hard to find. The "Breed Info" page contains some good articles, and information on the book "The Briard", which we highly recommend. More information can be found at the BCA's (Briard Club of America) and AKC's web sites. Visit our "Links" page to access these web sites and more!

Our dogs enjoy competing in Agility, Flyball, Obedience and Conformation. Aubrey, Caprice, Rhiannon, and Oliver's outstanding achievements including titles and awards can be viewed on their individual pages along with descriptions of their personalities, links to their pictorial pedigrees and health information. When available, we've provided this information for others in the Cascadia litters as well.

While some things have changed over the past few years, we remain hobby breeders. Maintaining an active interest in advancing our education in these dogs including genetic principles of breeding, while furthering our related interest in behavioral work. We have both earned training certifications through the CPDT, although we have not maintained our certification with them, and are former members of the APDT; both of which are nationally-recognized training organizations.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments about the web site, dogs, dog sports, training, or the unique Briard items that are available for sale. One thing about "dog-people" -- they like to talk about their dogs!

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